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How to Use Simplified Link In Bio in 3 Easy Steps


Claim Your Link

Start by claiming your unique Link In Bio link. Sign up for Simplified Link In Bio and secure your personalized link that will serve as your landing page. This link will be the gateway to all your important content and will be easily shareable with your audience.

Claim Your Link
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Setup and Customize

Once you've claimed your link, it's time to set up and customize your landing page. Add your social media profiles, articles, products, or any other links you want to share with your audience. Customize the look and feel of your page to match your brand's personality by selecting from our range of beautiful themes or by adding your own personal touch.

Setup and Customize
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Add it in Your Bio

With your customized landing page ready, it's time to make it easily accessible to your audience. Add your Link In Bio link to your social media bios, such as Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. Let your followers know that they can find all your important links and content by clicking the link in your bio. This simple step will drive traffic to your landing page, giving your audience a centralized hub for all the valuable content you have to offer.

Add it in Your Bio

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Simplified LinkInBio makes it easier to manage all the
links at one page!

Candice Wu
Product Manager, Sisyphus
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Display Your Uniqueness with Captivating Link In Bio Themes

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Free Forever

Unleash the potential of one, powerful link with Simplified's Free Forever Plan

$0 /month

1 Seat

  • 1 Link In Bio
  • Customizable Link In Bio page, icons, links and buttons
  • Apply themes, add photo from stock libraries or your own
  • Unlimited links and social accounts
  • Share directly to your social channels from the Link In Bio page

7 day full refund

Maximize Clicks and Conversions

Don't settle for one link in your social media bio. Simplified LinkInBio empowers you to drive traffic to multiple destinations with ease. From your latest articles and products to your social media profiles, showcase it all on a single landing page. Capture more clicks, engage your audience, and increase conversions. Unlock the potential of every link and never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience.

Optimize Your Links for Search Engines

Don't let your bio links go unnoticed by search engines. Simplified LinkInBio enables you to optimize your landing page for maximum online visibility. Customize meta tags, keywords, and descriptions to attract organic traffic. Boost your search engine rankings, expand your reach, and reach new audiences. Harness the power of SEO to elevate your online presence with Simplified LinkInBio.

Track Performance and Gain Insights

LinkinBio empowers you with valuable statistics to track link performance. In our simplified dashboard, you can monitor link clicks and engagement, gaining insights into what resonates with your audience.

Track Links without going anywhere
Make it SEO Friendly
Add GTM Tag directly into your link

Simplified is rated 4.9/5 stars in over 2 million+

Lauren D. Armour

Chief Operational Officer, NaturHeals

Simplified keeps it simple

There are a lot of AI apps that seem to be invented every second. I stick to Simplified because it's just that...simple, everything is one place, and they continuously outdo themselves. Whether you need help with an Amazon product you are selling, revising content you've already written, or creating something completely from scratch, Simplified got you covered. I love it!

Kamal Balogun

Marketing consultant (Unified Creative Arts & Technology)

Simplified my workflow.

I recently started using Simplified, a social media content management platform, and I'm really impressed with how easy it is to use. The AI-loaded features make publishing content an absolute breeze. It's so much faster and simpler than any other platform I've used before. I'm so glad I found Simplified; it's made managing my social media presence a piece of cake. Highly recommend!

Mary Spiro

Communications Associate (The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)

Pretty cool right out of the box!

I have just started experimenting with Simplified but so far this seems like an incredibly useful tool that combines many functions I would need in one place. I like that you can have a brand kit with templates. Even the free version is incredibly robust! So far (two weeks in) Simplified has done well with social media content creation and hashtag suggestions.

David Robertson

Marketing Manager (Meercat Associates)

Not The Jack Of All Trades, The Master!

Have been using Simplified for a couple of months now and blown away by the non-stop development and customer care.Get this > Simplified is an AI writer, graphic design tool, video editor and social media scheduler. Four tools in one, streamlining my workflow and allowing me to unsubscribe from various other tools - saving me tonnes of cash.

Jon Wilton

Copywriter (Cambridge Management Consulting)

Incredible number of tools in one place! One platform for all your needs.

Really powerful and intuitive. We were amazed at how many tools this packs under the hood. More intuitive to use than many similar products such as Spark and Canva. The animation tools are particularly strong compared to competitors. We value being able to order animation timings and the text animations are better than most.

Giovanni Prodan

Funnel Strategist (libero professionista settore digitale e comunicazione)

Finally! All my content creation in one place

I always wanted a software like this for my content creation. I was using several different softwares, but now I don't have to go from one to another all the times. This is great. # I recommend it to anyone who needs help with their content creation


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Link In Bio by Simplified?

Link In Bio Simplified is a feature that allows users to create a single link for their social media bios, which directs visitors to a customizable landing page with multiple links.

How does Link In Bio Simplified work?

Simply put, you create a Link In Bio page with all your desired links, customize the page's appearance, and then add the LinkInBio page link to your social media bios. When someone clicks on that link, they are directed to your landing page with all the specified links.

Can I customize the look and feel of my Link In Bio landing page?

Yes, absolutely! With LinkInBio Simplified, you have the ability to customize the appearance of your landing page, including themes, colors, and branding elements, ensuring it aligns with your brand personality.

Can I track the performance of my links using Link In Bio Simplified?

Yes, LinkInBio Simplified provides valuable statistics and insights on link performance. You can track link clicks, engagement, and other metrics to understand the effectiveness of your links and make informed decisions.

Is Link In Bio Simplified suitable for businesses and influencers?

Yes, Link In Bio Simplified caters to the needs of both businesses and influencers. It helps consolidate and optimize the links in social media bios, making it easier to direct traffic and enhance online presence.
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